2L Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine

This machine is suitable for the small bottles from 30ml up to 2 Litres. This machines is available with a variety of options, including  single station, double station, single head, multi heads, view strip, single layer, multi-layers, auto-deflashing function ect.
Most machines are assembled to suit specific requirements.

We can also offer full turnkey solutions, from automated packaging to Ancillaries.

Technical Features:

1, Electronic control system: Japanese Mitsubishi PLC computer plus man-machine interface (English) red paper, touch-screen operation. All process settings, changes, search, monitoring, fault diagnosis and other functions are achieved on the touch screen.

2, Hydraulic system: proportional pressure control, equipped with imported brand-name hydraulic components, stable and reliable.

3, Plasticising system: efficient plasticising mixing screw, plastic plastic to ensure adequate and uniform.

4, Speed control system: frequency control + alloy steel gear reducer, smooth speed and low noise.

5, Opening and closing mode, mobile system: beam arm, three o’clock, the centre of the mould clamping mode, to ensure long-term use. Clamping force balance, no deformation, and the use of translation mode body (ball linear guide), high precision, less resistance, faster.

6, Blowing needle holder: the overall angle-type blowing needle holder, stable and not shift, to ensure that products cut smooth